Color Consultation

It’s easy to know when your home needs painting. It’s hard to decide what colors to use. The Excellent Painters team can help you out. We know what looks good in the area because we’ve probably painted homes in your neighborhood. We also keep tabs on what colors are trending and what colors help drive up the resale price of homes in the area.

Why You Need Color Consulting

Color consulting can really help take mystery out of what color you should paint your house. An expert who knows what colors are popular currently as well as knowledge about which colors work best in which rooms, what colors go together and what colors clash can be invaluable with respect to making those hard choices.

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Here are some reasons you may want to use a color consultant

  • Indecisiveness - When you have it narrowed down to just a few colors, but are having a hard time committing to just one, a color consultant can help guide you in the right direction.excellent color samples
  • Resale Value - If you’re looking to sell your home soon, you may not care what color is used, as long as it helps the resale value. Our consultants know what colors are being used in your area and what colors are currently hot for market sales.
  • Learn Your Options - Different surfaces require different kinds of paint and different sheens. You may want something that’s more water repellent in your bathroom than you doi in your bedroom. When you narrow down what kind of paint to use, then you may find that you have a whole different set of colors to choose from.

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Services We Offerbrush-paint.png

Interior Painting
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Interior painting

The inside of your home is your personal private space and Excellent Painters respects that. We are experts at painting your interior spaces with the colors you love and we can help you figure out what colors those are. Every home needs a refresh once in a while and we are here to help with that. We’ll be in and out of each room as quickly as we can, leaving each one ready for you and your family to enjoy.... Read more.

Exterior Painting
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Exterior Painting Picture

Excellent Painters uses an innovative approach giving you the freedom to choose the perfect combination of colors to paint the exterior of your home or business. Our experts are up to date on the latest trends and styles in home painting. We are already familiar with the hottest colors and combinations.... Read more.

Commercial Painting
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Commercial Painting Picture

Excellent Painters can also paint your retail business, office, clinic, or any kind of production or manufacturing facility. We understand that some of these places require specialty paints and colors that are more durable or have properties that are different from common paints. We know how to get them, when to use them and exactly how to correctly apply them.... Read more.

Garage Epoxy Floor Painting
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Epoxy flooring

If your garage floor is made of concrete and hasn’t been coated or the coating has worn off we can give your garage floor a makeover. Our Epoxy floor coating works on any concrete floor including basements, rooms converted from old garages, and warehouses. We can paint your floor any color you like. Our Epoxy coating will leave it looking shiny and new. Probably even better than it did before.... Read more.

Cabinet Painting
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Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere in your home can be expensive to replace. If the cabinets are still sturdy and usable but don't look so great, we can paint or stain them for you in any color of the rainbow (or all of them). We can paint over wood, plastic or metal cabinet surfaces. Give your kitchen a whole new look without having a huge hit to your finances.... Read more.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal
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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

If you live in an older home from the 1970s or 1980s it might have those icky old popcorn ceilings. Excellent Painters understands exactly how to remove that stuff without making a huge mess of everything sitting below it. We will prime and paint the ceiling to your color preference, giving your older room a whole new feel.... Read more.

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How Color Consulting Works

When you contact Excellent Painters and ask for color consultation we will schedule at time for  one of our top experts to consult with you.

When the consultant shows up they will ask you a series of questions about what rooms or exteriors you want to paint and if you have any idea about what kind of paint or colors  you are most interested in using. For example they will ask if you are painting the place in order to improve the resale value or if you want to change the look or feel of a room that you expect to spend a lot of time in.

color snap visualizer - Sherwinn-Williams

The consultant will probably show you some color swatches, paint chips, or ask you to download an app on your phone, such as ColorSnap from Sherwinn-Williams. This app can be very useful in helping you to visualize what your room or house will look like when painted a different color. The app uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to show you your room in various other colors. We find this to be much more useful than ordering small amounts of paint and painting small patches of each one on your wall.

We want to help you decide on colors, but not push you into getting a color that you don’t care for.

Excellent Painters will be happy to provide you with an estimate of what it would cost to do your painting project for you. All you need to do is pick the color and leave the rest to us.