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Excellent Painters FRANCHISE Available in Lexington, KY

Based on the population, you should expect 600,000-1,100,000 USD in annual sales

This is a large city in central Kentucky. Interstates I-75 and I-64 run through the city. Lexington, KY is surrounded by agricultural lands. There are many single-family dwellings as well as an assortment of retail, large office buildings, industrial, and agricultural areas. The area has a big number of large homes.

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You need house painters in Lexington. You’ve come to the right place. Excellent Painters will paint your home and leave it looking fresh and new. Our Lexington office has everything you may need. We have estimators ready to measure your home or office so they can provide you with a realistic and competitive cost estimate at no charge. It doesn’t matter where you live in the region, if you live in a small home in Speigle Heights or a big home in Beaumont Park, our Lexington painters will transform your house to give it a spectacular new look or at least a fresh clean version of the existing look. You want your home to look impressive for those times when you aren’t betting on a horse to win the whole thing. If your company has an old building in Woodhill we will make the building look great with some fresh new colors.

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