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The Best Painters in Washington, DCpainters near me

If you need house painters in Washington, DC, you’ll need congressional approval. Just kidding! All you need is Excellent Painters. That’s us and we have an office in the DC area. Whether you live in a white house or a townhouse,  we have the best house painters Washington DC can offer. They can bring some fun new colors to your home. We won’t hold it against you if you want red or blue, or any other color. We don’t even care if you’re a politician. We’ll still be happy to paint your place. Interiors, exteriors, fences, patios, we can paint it. No whitewashing here, just good old-fashioned latex or enamel paint. If the cherry blossoms are in bloom, it’s the right time of year to paint the outside of your home or business.  If you need to impress your donors, but your office is looking drab, we can make it look like new.

DC is saturated with the history of American politics. The monuments, statues, and memorials come surrounded by beautiful green parks. The Smithsonian museums are full of interesting things to see from actual space ships to the Hope Diamond. There’s so much to take in it’s no wonder so many people want to come and visit.  When you live here you need to keep up the appearance of your home, so that visitors get the right impression.

Washington DC Commercial Painting

Our Washington DC commercial painters can handle almost any kind of commercial painting. Maybe you’re opening a new business and need your logo painted onto an exterior wall. Maybe you’ve taken over a commercial space that used to be something very different than your current business and you need to make it appealing to your customers. Maybe you’ve been in the same building for decades and the paint has become faded, peeling, or shabby. Our Washington DC commercial painters can fix your place up and have it looking great in no time.

Specialty Coatings

We can coat the walls or surfaces of your store or facility with specialty coatings that are unique only to certain industries. We understand that in a DC commercial kitchen or factory there are surfaces that need to be wiped down, cleaned, or sterilized repeatedly throughout the workday, and regular paint just won’t hold up to that. We know because of the weather in the nations' capital that some surfaces may need an epoxy coating or a non-slip surface or you may need a paint that contains a fungicide or a ceramic coating that can withstand repeated heating and cooling. Whatever your special requirements are, we can find the right paint, stain, or coating for your DC business.

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BEST IN CLASS SUPPORTpainters near me

Our Washington DC house painters understand Bethesda, Silver Spring, Alexandria, Arlington, and everywhere in between, so they can guide you through the process of selecting colors and finishes. Our team has the best house painters Washington DC ever saw and they will get the job done efficiently and without political upheaval. Our staff will cut through any red tape and get your project rolling in no time. We’ll be there to actually answer all your questions from beginning to end and will lobby your HOA on your behalf to make sure things are approved in a timely fashion.

We are the best exterior painter Washington DC can deliver and our interior painters in Washington DC are top-tier. If your Capital City building needs extra preparation work before the paint goes on we will handle that, too. Sanding, scraping, and minor repairs sometimes need to be done before we can lay down a layer of primer or paint. We know exactly how to handle all that, too.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We endeavor to provide the best quality customer experience possible. Our Washington DC painters offer competitive prices while also minimizing any negative environmental impacts due to the work you hire us to perform. We always try to do the job right the first time so that we don’t waste your time or ours. We use low or zero VOC paint whenever appropriate to help maintain air quality. Any excess paints and materials are disposed of in the most environmentally correct fashion available. We understand how important the environment is to people who live in DC. Our DC project managers will keep open the lines of communication before, during, and after the actual painting and will make sure you are satisfied by inspecting the job after it is completed and the paint has dried. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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